Naboso™ 1.0

$50.00 USD

The Naboso™ 1.0 Textured Insole is perfect for the customer who is new to barefoot stimulation or has increased foot sensitivity and for use during athletic movements such sports or running.

The features of the Naboso™ 1.0 Textured Insole include:

  • 1mm patent-pending texture technology

  • 3mm total thickness

  • Evidence-based hardness to maximize stimulation

  • Freedom of rotation and triplanar movement

  • Can be cut to fit your exact shoe shape

For sizing please see sizing charts below for your reference

PLEASE NOTE:  The Naboso™ Insoles measure 3mm in thickness constructed with a proprietary Naboso™ patent-pending material and texture design. This is an insole providing proprioceptive, mechanoceptive and neuromuscular stimulation. Life is sensory - move #fromthegroundup!  

SiZing Chart