Barefoot stimulation in a shod environment

For the first time ever it is now possible to bring the power of barefoot science and plantar proprioceptive stimulation to all footwear - regardless of support, cushion or heel toe drop.

Did you know that the skin on the bottom of the foot plays a critical role in balance, posture, motor control and human locomotion? Did you also know that all footwear - including minimal footwear - to some degree blocks the necessary stimulation of these plantar proprioceptors? The result is a delay in the nervous system which can contribute to joint pain, compensations, loss of balance and inefficient
movement patterns.

Developed by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily Splichal, Naboso™ Insoles are designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet. Naboso™ Insoles are backed by surface science and texture research - and have been shown to not only improve balance but also positively impact gait patterns, ankle proprioception and force production in athletes.

Texture Insoles in Dancers Shoes  |  Texture Insoles Alter Gait Asymmetry Texture Insoles Effect Ankle Discrimination Textured Insoles Reduce Prefrontal Activity in Gait

Naboso™ Insoles carry the reputation of Dr Splichal who has dedicated her medical career to researching human movement and barefoot science. Are you ready to experience the power of the foot and enhanced proprioceptive stimulation with Naboso™ Insoles?

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Introducing Naboso™ technology Insoles

Get ready to experience what it truly means to move from the ground up with the
first-ever small nerve proprioceptive insole to hit the footwear industry.


NAboso™ Adult
Insoles 1.0



NAboso™ Adult Insoles 1.5 & Neuro Bundle



NAboso™ Adult
Insoles 1.5



NAboso™ Adult Insoles 1.0, 1.5 & Neuro Bundle



NAboso™ Adult Insoles 1.0 & 1.5 Bundle



Naboso™ Children's Insoles



NAboso™ Neuro