The Best Standing Desk Mats to Avoid Foot Pain

Giving the problem this nation has had with issues such as obesity, standing desks were created as a means of combating the overly sedentary lifestyle associated with various career paths and positions. Unfortunately what came along with the shift from seated to standing, was a myriad of foot-related problems from too much standing.

One solution to this problem is the standing desk mat. Although finding the best standing mat can be a tedious task, it is well worth the effort. This article will include some of our favorite recommendations based off of quality, features and efficacy in reducing foot pain.

The Benefits of Standing Desks and Standing Desk Mats

Before we take a look at some of the best standing desk mats on the market, let's take a look at some of the benefits of using a standing desk mat:

•         Reduce Back Pain- Although back pain is typically correlated with being overweight, aging, etc. it can also be caused by sitting in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. For those who sit at a desk daily, you could be at an increased risk of developing severe back pain later in life. However, by using a standing desk and a premium mat, you will not have to worry about being forced to sit in uncomfortable chairs and positions, thusly, reducing the development of back pain.

•         Reduce the Risk of Obesity- Since you burn more calories while standing than sitting, a standing desk can also reduce the risk of becoming obese. When coupled with a standing desk mat, you can comfortably stand at your desk for hours on end.

•         Increased Productivity- Given that you won't have to worry about back pain, sleeping limbs, and other issues, using a standing desk and mat can also help boost productivity. Integrating a mat that provides foot stimulation has also shown to enhancing creativity and brain stimulation.

The Best Standing Desk Mats to Avoid Foot Pain

Now that we've reviewed the benefits of standing desk mats, let's look at some of your top options:


Known for being one of the most comfortable, secure standing mats money can buy Ecolast Standing Mats are certainly worth the investment. Made with anti-slip technology (which makes it possible for the mat to stay in one spot, regardless of pressure or subtle movements), this mat is ideal for those who work at standing desks, but may get a tad antsy from time to time. Also, made with 100% Polyurethane Technology, these premium mats are incredibly durable, making them last for years on end.


Known for being "the coolest thing to ever happen to the standing desk", Fluid Stance Standing Desk Mats come in an array of designs. A balance board for your standing desk, Fluid Stance standing mats were created to withstand large amounts of weight and come in a variety of colors.A design that was create to promote natural movement of the body, these mats help to burn calories, soothe stiff joints, and much more.


A unique standing desk mat made from patent-pending material, the Naboso Standing Mat is a true gem. With its patent-pending textural design and 6.5 mm of thickness these mats naturally stimulate the soles of your feet, making them ideal for those who work barefoot.


Highly revered as one of the top standing desk brands on the market, many people favor Topo Mats because they allow for hand-free positioning, promote healthy, dynamic standing, and more. Made from premium material, environmentally-conscious polyurethane, Topo Mats are also engineered especially to provide cushion and support.

Overall, there are plenty of high-quality standing desk mats on the market. However, this list if comprised of some of your top options. No matter if you prefer to stand in one place, stretch, or even move around while working, you are bound to find a great option for your needs on this list. Moreover, all of these mats are made from premium materials, which makes them a worthy investment for the long-term. Either way, be sure to do a bit of research before deciding which one works best for you.